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Monday, June 13, 2011

To-do Tuesdays

I had this post all written and it disappeared.  That's annoying.  Now, I don't feel like doing it again.  But I will because my two adoring readers will be sad if it's not here.
So I forgot to update you on my foot situation.  I am officially out of the boot and walking on my own two feet.  The fracture has healed enough that I can get around without extra aid...however, it still hurts.  Anyone have any experience with this?  Is it normal for it to be sore in the evenings?  I hope that it will feel 100% soon.  I have places to go and people to see!
Last week, I accomplished all of my goals.  My baby gift is done with plenty of time to spare.  No pictures yet because the person on the receiving end might peek at my blog from time to time.  I'll post pictures after the shower; you're gonna love this stuff!  I got the quote on the blinds.  Yeah.  Not gonna happen.  I would have thought that blinds made out of the same stuff as dryer sheets would be less expensive than curtains but they are PRICEY!  So, back to the drawing board!  Charlotte's dress for Robert's wedding is cut out but I got side-tracked because I want to make her a little sundress out of this cute fabric that I purchased at Textile Fabric's sale (it's going on now...50% off!).  So, my goals for this week are:

Straighten up the house and purge some baby toys that need to go.  
Finish the sundress for Charlotte
Begin construction of the silk dress for Charlotte to wear during the wedding
Decide what Alexander will wear and get it ordered/purchased (any ideas? It's hot in Italy!)

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