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Sunday, October 24, 2010


Hicklen Farm
Peter had school this Saturday so we convinced our friends Emily and Sam to go with us to a pumpkin patch.  Emily knew that there was a really good one in Nolensville but for some reason, we couldn't remember which one it was.  We decided to drive out there and take our chances.  First, we came to Hicklen Farm.  This is a really sweet little farm and a great place to buy your pumpkins.  I talked with one of the owners, a very old lady who said that she had lived on the farm since she was nine months old.  She showed me pictures of her great-great-great-great Grandmother.  That's a lot of greats!  In fact, I typed it so many times, it looks funny.  Does that ever happen to you?  While at Hicklen, Emily said, I'm sure that there's another place that's much bigger.  So, after buying a few pumpkins and petting the farm dog (a pug!?!), we loaded up and headed down the road.  We found the patch that Emily was thinking of; it was Walden.  The reason that we didn't put two and two together is because the farm is actually in Smyrna but you can get there through Nolensville.  I'm terrible at geography so I can't even imagine how this is possible.

Walden has lots of animals to pet and feed, slides, some really yummy fried sweet potato ribbons, corn mazes, and more.  We had a great time and Charlotte was so worn out that she went down for her nap at 2:30 and didn't wake up until 8pm!  We fed her a little dinner and put her back to bed 45 minutes later and she slept until 7am the next day.  She's like her daddy, needs lots of sleep!  Oh, and my title?  That's how Charlotte says pumpkin.  It's pretty darn cute.

Yep, I made that skirt!

If they get married, I'm totally putting this on their wedding slideshow!

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