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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

To-do Tuesdays

That's my not so little boy sporting his first gap due to a lost tooth.  He was SO excited for the tooth fairy to arrive!

Back to the normal grind.  I'm still in my broken foot boot but am getting around a lot better.  I've mostly given up the crutches although the end of the day still calls for a little bit of crutching around due to being sore.  I go back to the doc in a week or so and hope that I'll be all done with the boot!  I need to get better so that I can safely drive and sew!
Things to do this week:

Laundry (why is this always on the list)
Send thank-you notes
Call my mother-in-law who has left me two messages on my voicemail (I'm not avoiding you Irene, I promise!)
Order everything in my amazon cart to prepare for our trip to England/Italy

Yes, I made this week fairly light in to-dos because it's still pretty hard to get around.  The boot is not all that comfortable to walk in any further than from bedroom to kitchen.  Maybe I'll do more next week before school is out for summer (Does anyone want to break into song?).  

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