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Monday, June 23, 2008


It has finally become clear, in my opinion, that I am pregnant. I sang on the praise team at church on Sunday morning and I looked down and realized that my tummy is sticking out quite far. It was a shock! I know it shouldn't be a shock since I've been pregnant for more than 5 months. I know I've seen her on the ultrasound screen. I know that she's becoming more and more active. All of those things combined should be enough to prove to me that I am, in fact, pregnant. Nonetheless, I was surprised to see my little bump. I'm embarrassed and a little excited about it. One gets many privileges when pregnant - perhaps I'll begin to reap those benefits (first to get a seat, first in line at a buffet, waited on hand and foot, etc)!

Time sure does fly! It seems like only yesterday, they were putting Alexander on my chest and I was exclaiming, "He's so little!!" Now, he's three years old, walking, talking, and going potty all by himself. In just three more short years, Alexander will be in first grade and I'll be typing about our little girl's preschool accomplishments. None of these realizations are earth-shattering. Just coming to terms with the fact that kids really do grow up!

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Carrie, The Modern Housewife said...

Hey Anne. We got the steel cut oats in the loose dry goods section of whole foods. I'm not sure what it's called, but there are lots of grains, nuts, trail mixes that you buy and just bag up. Many of the Krogers have a health food section which also sells dry goods like that. We love it, and it makes great oatmeal!!