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Friday, June 20, 2008

Doing the wave

After reading the blog of an acquaintance who also lost a child to trisomy 18, I was reminded of another part of our ultrasound that was breathtaking. The sonographer kept trying to look at our little girl's hands - one of the markers of a chromosome abnormality is clenched hands. Matthew had this when he was born and so I was well aware that this was one of the things that we needed to see. I began to get nervous because our stubborn little girl wouldn't open her hands. Just as my heart began to sink into my stomach, she gave us a wave. Beginning with her pinkie, she opened and closed each little digit in a carefree manner that somehow said to me, "Mommy, stop worrying!"
So, a weight was lifted - one that had been placed on me just after Matthew's diagnosis. I feel lighter, happier, and excited to greet my little girl when she decides to make her entrance in October.

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