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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Days!

We are on day three of being home because of snow and ice.  We've ventured out the last two days and the roads seem fine but I hear that there are a few roads that are still pretty slick, probably back roads.  After the first day, Alexander, Irene (my mother-in-law) and I went out to play.  The temperatures weren't too cold and there wasn't any wind blowing.  Here are a few photos that we took after I slaved away we played. I don't remember playing in the snow being this taxing when I was a kid!
Our house, covered in snow.

Alexander thinks it's funny that I took a picture of our mailbox but I  just liked how it looked.  

The boy and our Nashville snowman

Look, I'm making an appearance in a photo!

Our fort to defend the house from enemies!
You won't see any pictures of Charlotte in the snow because she is not at all interested in going outside to play or even touch it.  She's much happier in her footie pajamas, snuggling with a good book or watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
I used to dread snowdays but we've had a pretty good time the last few days.  I am ready to get back to our normal schedule though.  I wonder if Metro will cancel again?
I hope to get a little sewing or crafting done this evening although my laundry pile has grown to an unmanageable pile again.  I'll have to check if we have any underwear left to wear!

1 comment:

Karen said...

and the answer is yes. We are out again. Glad you had fun in the snow! It is taxing on us adults though!