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Monday, May 26, 2008

Everywhere I go, people ask how I'm feeling. I guess that's the question you should ask when a person is generating a new life inside her body. The truth is, I'm feeling so much better now that I've entered into the second trimester! I'm 17 weeks along and all seems to be well. As of my last midwife appointment, I had lost four pounds but I have a feeling that I'll be up at least one or two at my next appointment.
We spent Memorial Day weekend with my parents in Indiana. My brother, Matt, and his wife, Michelle, were there too. It was such a relaxing weekend! We really had no agenda aside from making strawberry jam using the strawberries that we picked ourselves on Saturday morning. The six of us, Peter, Alexander, Dad, Matt, Michelle, and I picked over $40 worth of strawberries. I made 18 16-ounce jars of freezer jam and we still had a huge bowl of cut berries, one bowl of puree, and one large bowl of uncut strawberries left. We'll be eating berries until we turn into berries! The jam turned out really well and has passed the taste test of my very discriminating little one. It was my first attempt at making jam - I think I'll try it again with other fruits. We're due to pick blueberries during the second week of June but I'm not sure that blueberry jam sounds very appealing.
One more note before I work on unpacking my suitcase...I have begun to feel little flutters caused by the baby kicking. Each day, I seem to feel one more and they're a tiny bit stronger. It's fun to finally feel these on a consistent basis. It reminds me that there is a reason for the weight gain, the moodiness (sorry, Peter!), and the constant cravings! Only three more weeks until we find out if we'll reuse Alexander's clothes or if we'll get to buy pink and purple. My hopes are slightly raised for the female variety but at this point, I'm praying for a healthy baby with all his or her fingers and toes!

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